Building Strong Relationships: A Decade of Growth with Trend Touristic

Visiting our clients is always a pleasure! And even more so if we have worked side by side for almost a decade, growing together, and facing each development step as it arises. This time our team will visit the offices of Trend Touristic (TAG), a renowned tourist agent with a strong position in the market […]

Coming Exhibitions & Events for 2023

Why do we travel so much? Here at Cyberlogic we are (almost) always on the road and there’s a very good reason for it. We hold travel to be vital in knowledge development, experience, and business growth. And proximity is by far the best way to deeply understand our partners and of course, meet and […]

How far will we go to support? Orlando, Dominican Republic, and Cuba!

Cyberlogic is the trusted partner of Meeting point, supporting their operations in all 17 locations where their offices are located. And we intend to visit each and every one of them so as to offer true assistance, forging deep communication and trust with our clients. After all, this is what sets us apart from our competitors. The fact […]