Yannis Dimitriadis testimonial

Yannis Dimitriadis CEO Avra Tours SAGreece Already, before Avra was founded in 2009, we were in the market for a reservation system that would serve our complex needs. Almost three years later, having tested numerous tools and implemented two different ones, having scrutinized the domestic and international markets, we met with Alex and Stergios. At […]

Gianpaolo Galipo testimonial

Gianpaolo Galipo General Manager Saitours SpaItaly Cyberlogic helped us automate our companies’ operations safely and successfully in Italy, Albania and Switzerland. Their expertise and constant support of our daily operations, tech knowledge, innovative approach and high professionalism helped us streamline and optimise our business in all areas. Cyberlogic is our trusted technology partner, and together, […]

Pantelis Ioannou testimonial

Pantelis Ioannou Managing Director Delta Wings Leisure Travel AgencyCyprus Cyberlogic’s high-end technology and outstanding customer support provided us with a remarkable advantage. Cyberlogic helped us grow in every field. Our products, operations and services were digitized and fully automated, achieving outstanding results and benefits. We found ourselves in a secure partnership with Cyberlogic, allowing us […]

Mario Habig testimonial

Mario Habig FTI Group CEO DMC Meeting Point InternationalGermany Cyberlogic is our trusted partner whose digital solution brings us closer to our declared goal of positioning Meeting Point International as a fully operating multinational destination management agency. Together with Cyberlogic, we are taking operational excellence, product leadership and customer engagement to a new level. OUR […]

Radek Strejcek testimonial

Radek Strejcek Managing Director Holiday Moments Dubai Holiday Moments operates in a very competitive and demanding market that requires the best technology solutions to be in place, and Cyberlogic is our premier provider. Cyberlogic worked closely with our team and helped us migrate our business to a new high-end platform that facilitates and develops our […]