Yannis Dimitriadis

CEO Avra Tours SA

Already, before Avra was founded in 2009, we were in the market for a reservation system that would serve our complex needs. Almost three years later, having tested numerous tools and implemented two different ones, having scrutinized the domestic and international markets, we met with Alex and Stergios.

At that point, we were almost convinced we would never find the software we needed and were already entertaining the idea of ‘in-house development.’
Cyberlogic was taking its first steps in the market, and the software was not wide-range tested, but the culture of both our companies matched.

After a decade of exorbitant development and customisations and countless hours of working as merged organisms, we helped each other to achieve our primary goals and reach a level of establishment in the world’s tourism market.

We have introduced them to all our partners, domestic and abroad. We have conducted conclusive brainstorming sessions with our most precious customers and partners in various countries so they hear from the lion’s mouth what needs of complex tour operating must be served by a DMC. Alex and Stergios absorbed all that information and converted it into the most efficient tool a DMC anywhere in the world can enjoy using.

We had minor friction along the way, but both sides kept their eyes on the target.

I now consider Cyberlogic my most valuable partner and look forward to using its precious acquired expertise to adapt to all future needs as they arise.


85 Dimokratias Avenue, 2nd Floor
71306, Heraklion – Crete (GR)

T +30 2810 371 123


85 Dimokratias Avenue,
2nd Floor | 71306
Heraklion – Crete (GR)

+30 2810 371 123